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Monday, April 12, 2004

Any given Monday? 

I was recently tasked with finding out the calendar date of of the first day of any week. I came up with the following code:

DateTime GetFirstDayOfWeekDate(DateTime reference, DateTimeFormatInfo dtfi)
   Calendar cal = dtfi.Calendar;
   DayOfWeek dow = cal.GetDayOfWeek(reference);
   DateTime firstDayOfWeek = dtReference.AddDays((((int)dtfi.FirstDayOfWeek - (int)dow) - 7) % 7);
   return firstDayOfWeek;

I have run it through a test that uses all 7 days as the first day of the week and calculates the date for 10,000 days. Upon spot checks of the results it seems to work. I have only tested it with the EN-us culture. I don't know how it works with other cultures.

Does anyone know of a different\better way or see any problems with this?

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