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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Creating a home theater on a budget  

About two years ago I bought a house in SE Portland. I started doing some home improvement shortly thereafter. I had a nice 3-car (stacked) garage under the house and the layout was perfect for turning the one space into an entertainment room. I started by partitioning the space with a wall (and door) and things were moving along nicely. Then I hit the home improvement equivalent of writers block. That and the fact that I was un-motivated at the time. To make the story short and to keep things interesting I'll fast-forward to about 6-months ago.

I made a decision to start working on it again and made some choices about what I wanted to do. For better or worse. :)

I decided to create a home theater. I knew that this would be expensive but I figured that since I would be doing most of the work I could offset some of my costs for the equipment and still come in under my "flexible", okay let's say non-existent budget.

To get the project re-started I drafted up blue-prints of the room (including wiring diagrams) and hired an electrician to re-configure my main electrical box and run heavy-guage wire to a sub-panel in the new room. I am handy with most things required for this project but this part made me a little nervous. Needless to say I was extremely happy with his work and it gave me the exact kick in the pants that I needed to get inspired.

In subsequent posts on this topic I will talk about what I learned while doing this project and try to share some of my experience in the hope that it helps somebody.

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