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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Getting Winamp to play RealAudio streams 

I take no credit for this. I just found it very useful but difficult to find so I thought I would re-post it for the masses.

My friend Lars loves to listen to German radio. It could be because he is German but I'm not sure. ;) His favorite station is Fritz.de and he listens to it via a RealAudio stream while he is staying here. That meant of course that he had to install the evil RealPlayer. I hate RealPlayer because it takes over my machine and makes me paranoid so I was compelled to seek another solution. I found a posting on a news forum that describes how to use the RealPlayer codecs by installing the Tara's RealAudio input plug-in. Thanks Tara whoever you are. This plug-in rocks and I appreciate you taking the time to write it. Also thanks to Arman68 for re-posting his older post so I could re-post it. I'm confused.

This is the post unaltered and in its entirety. Enjoy!


Here's a workaround that I found while perusing the Winamp forums. I'm afraid I don't know who came up with it but to them all credit is due. Eventhough it was written with Win 98/ME in mind, it works like a charm with Win2K assuming you do the necessary modifications like changing all references of C:\Windows to C:\WINNT etc. Enjoy.

Real Player Workaround

Winamp Realaudio plugins require Realplayer to be installed, I know that, there has been a lot of discussion about this here. Well, I think Realplayer is a bloated software which puts way too much entries in the registry and I hate those types of softwares.

I found a way to keep the minimal components required in order to hear Realaudio content in winamp. (tested innover's and Tara's plugins, on Winamp 2.76, Win98SE, Realplayer 7 & 8). Tara's plugin even allows playback of realvideo.

Here is what you must do :

1- Install Realplayer (I suggest a registry backup before, if you want to avoid the hundreds of registry entries it puts in your registry when only 3 are needed)

2- Backup those 3 folders :

c:\program files\common files\real\common
c:\program files\common files\real\plugins
c:\program files\common files\real\codecs

* almost forgot, also backup the pncrt.dll file located in c:\windows\system * (or C:\winnt\system) for Win2K

3. Uninstall Realplayer and restore your registry if you did a backup as suggested in #1

4. Copy the 3 folders you backed up to their original locations, and pncrt.dll file to c:\windows\system

5. Paste the text below in notepad and save as a .reg file


@="C:\\Program Files\\Common files\\Real\\Plugins\\"

@="C:\\Program Files\\Common files\\Real\\Codecs\\"

@="C:\\Program Files\\Common files\\Real\\Common\\"

6. Click on the .reg file you just saved.

7. Enjoy, of course you must have one of the winamp realplayer plugins. (For example, Tara 1.0.3.b.exe)

(the post is slightly wrong in that on NT/Win200/WinXp/Win2003 the folder is system32 and not system)

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